"Yes, happy bloody Easter."


It’s time to egg hunt!

Easter here in my country so I thought maybe I should do this

thearendelleprincessanna asked: {Happy Easter/00:00:00} Laying on Sherlock's desk was a basket filled with his favorite goodies, Easter eggs along with a fancy new notepad and pen to jot down whatever he felt needed to be written. A note tied to the bunny ears that were also stuffed in the basket, read 'Happy Easter My Soulmate'.


Sherlock walked up to the small basket on his desk, and gave a small smile as he turned the Easter eggs in his hands. He reached in and popped a chocolate into his mouth, swallowing it quickly. At least he had been right about Anna being an Easter sort of person, when he had been going through hiding eggs in the flat the night before. “Anna?”

thearendelleprincessanna asked: {Happy Easter} Albert, who was wearing bunny ears, poked out of the Easter basket and made an adorable sound, looking around at all the goodies for Kristoff. There was candy, chocolate covered carrots and even a new ice pick which had his name carved into it. The note which laid atop everything read, 'Happy Easter Kristoff! Much love!'


      “Hey, get out of there. Don’t need your dirty paws all over my stuff——" He scooped Albert up and smirked, holding him around the middle and giving him a playful glare. "…Happy Easter, you rat.

      He quickly bumped his nose against Albert’s and let him sit on his shoulder before picking up the basket. “You want one of the carrots? Don’t tell Sven…

thearendelleprincessanna asked: {Happy Easter} Laying on top was the little girl's bed was a basket filled with chocolate galore, Easter eggs, and jellybeans scattered about. Tied to the handle was a note that read 'Happy Easter Mini-Me'.



Anna came running into her room after the Easter egg hunt, but dropped her basket onto the floor when she saw the treasures that were waiting for her on her bed. She couldn’t help but let out a little squeal of delight, followed by loud giggles, as she jumped up on the bed

She read the note quickly, and left herself a mental note to save her older self a few pieces of chocolate.

Or, well, to try to anyway.

amtrist asked: Have a lovely Easter and this stripy egg. (=)

     ”Oh wow thank you! Have a Happy Easter!!!


titaniumxtits asked: [ HAPPY EASTER BB!!! ]


norules-forme asked: "Happy Easter Anna!" Elsa exclaimed as she handed her sister a basket full of colored eggs and chocolate.

     ”Oh no! You took my idea!”, Anna laughed, handing her sister an identical basket with eggs and chocolate inside. “Happy Easter Elsa!