sociallyimpairedbear asked: "Anna's gonna have to stop up and leaving without any notice, these martens are running wild without her," Kristoff mused to himself, trying to calm down one of the kitchen staff -- she was new, he thought -- as he reached behind some boxes of fruit and vegetables to grab one of the little troublemakers.

     Anna’s stomach growled with discomfort. She was hungry. REALLY hungry. And she knew just what would settle her stomach. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Afterall she deserved something sweet after having to deal with the duke of Weasel Town all week long.

     Grabbing the handle to the kitchen, the princess opened the door and was immediately greeted by Albert who crawled onto her shoulder and Fredrick wiggling out of the ice harvesters hands and crawling onto Anna’s other shoulder. “Hey little guys. Oh I’ve missed you so much and…KRISTOFF!" Her voice squeaked in delight before she ran over to him, embracing him tightly. 


Daddy’s Baby Girl - Kristoff & Heidi
One for Kris and Heidi, because I haven’t drawn him with her yet. <3

I blame the entirety of the KristAnna fandom for giving me these ridiculous daddy!kristoff feels. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

ooc: Princess Rant


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      GUESS WHICH MUN AND MUSE IS RETURNING TODAY?! Finally my life and job is slowing down. Not stopping completely but definitely slowing down. Please let me know if you still want to continue out threads.


     I will be back in full next week! Mucho excitement! 

OOC: A Formal Apology

     Yes, I have not been very active lately. Unfortunately I think I’ve burned out Anna just a tad. With playing her at birthday parties literally every weekend (seriously I have 2 events just this coming weekend) and then roleplay her I think I’ve just hit a road block.

     BUT the good news is I’m getting inspiration from my friends and such and hopefully she’ll bounce back soon. Until then I’ll be a semi-active but I will really really try to get stuff done.

     I love you all and hope you all understand. <3

Just An Announcement


Just lettin’ you guys know that I luff thearendelleprincessanna, and her little wagging tail that I — unintentionally — broke earlier today. 

The bear is very sorry for pouncing on your tail and crushing it, that was not his intention.


Also, can I just say how much my Kristoff adores her Anna? ‘Cause it’s a lot. Like, he’s stupid in love with her. Would follow her off a cliff — actually, he’s already done that:


But, seriously, even if she stomps on his heart, he’d love her forever and always.

Am I forgiven for breaking your tail? 


     //You did! I can’t believe you actually did it! Hahahahahahahahahaha This is amazing and hilarious!

     I luffles you. You are my Kristoff and you always will be. 

     I FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

     BUT you totally owe me a new tail!


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'Till We Meet Again - Character outfit sheet
I put this thing together to maybe give people reading TWMA a little visual on what the characters look like throughout the story. You’ll probably notice Anna looks a little older by the end. Keep in mind this story spans years.

TWMA is a Frozen AU,1940’s setting, KristAnna-centric fanfiction written by feistypaants​.

You can read the fanfic here
You can view a larger version of the images here