Dragon*Con Pics!

     All Under Read More so it doesn’t clog dash. I picked photos I thought you all would appreciate!

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                        I'M BBBAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK!

     Dragon*Con was amazing! I’ll post pics later!

Hiatus Announcement

     I’ll be going to Dragon*Con this weekend and will be busy preparing for that. These cosplays won’t finish themselves. I’ll be back Tuesday of next week in full.



     Stood outside her sister’s door, Elsa considered her options. She could knock on that door, and get the comfort she so craved. But was it worth the weakness it made her feel? Or she could go back to bed, and deal with it like an adult. 

     It was quite possible she had never looked more pathetic. In her nightdress, a shawl wrapped messily over her shoulders, feet bare and hair escaping her braid. Cheeks marked with tear stains. No doubt there were circles around her eyes from her lack of sleep. And the worst part was she didn’t even know why she felt this way. It had come on suddenly, as these moods sometimes did. 

     Taking in a deep breath, she raised a closed fist and rapped lightly on the door. "Anna?"

     Anna snorted as the sound of a fist of wood reached her ears, awaking her from her deep sleep. She yawned, lazily sitting upright to look around the room, still processing what was going on.

     ”Ugh if it’s Olaf again I will scream...”, she muttered, reminding herself how often the little snowman woke her up to tell her things he had just discovered, causing her to lose much sleep.

     Running a hand through her messy hair she staggered out of bed and over to her door, still yawning away. Her hand turned the knob and opened the door to reveal not Olaf but her sister.

     Well this was certainly new.

     ”Elsa? W-What….what are you doing here? Is there a fire?!”, she asked, eyes widening at the thought.

❝ The bells! The coronation! ❞

❝ Because the gates were just
     open for one day, Hans and
     Anna knew this was their only
     chance to be together

                  The Frozen Sisters Together At Last!

Oh they’re bo - oh! Okay. Makes things easier for me.


Let it snow