I’ve started talking to the pictures on the walls.

     ”HAS ANYBODY SEEN ALBERT?! I can’t find him anywhere…”, Anna called out, running through the halls, making sure to stop and duck to look under tables and chairs as she passed them as well as opening doors to look inside.


And maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue!

thearendelleprincessanna asked: Anna walked right up to Kristoff, dabbed some chocolate frosting from her cupcake on his lips and kissed him fiercely, licking the frosting right back up before casually walking away. "Thanks! that's all I wanted.", she blushed, giggling to herself.


Kristoff was preoccupied, grumbling to himself as he tried to untie all the little knots Olaf had left in one of his ropes. For someone with twigs for hands, the little snowman had surprising dexterity — these knots were impossible to get out without spending time on each individual one.

So, with his attention elsewhere, Kristoff didn’t notice Anna walking up to him until she’d smeared chocolate frosting all over his mouth. Blinking, he nearly stumbled back in surprise. 

"Anna, what — Mmphf?!" 

And then her lips were on his, hard and fast; licking off the frosting she’d put there herself before simply…walking off like she hadn’t done any of it.

Dropping the knotted rope in his hands, Kristoff stood there, mouth opening and closing soundlessly, as he stared after Anna.



1940’s AU - KristAnna 
Kristoff is part of a barber shop quartet and Anna is the daughter of a wealthy business man who owns most of the buildings in town.

Anna’s fiancee, Hans, is away on business for a while and during that time she decides to bring her sister out shopping to keep herself distracted. An unexpected stranger catches her eye as they walk down the street, a rather handsome a capella singer amongst the others in the quartet. He catches her staring and begins to sing to her.
It would go on like this for days after, until one day she walked up to him, playfully plucked the hat from his head and ran over behind the wall of the next building.
Teasing him, she refused to give it back. 

"M’aam, if you don’t hand that over I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you out on a date. Now, I don’t think you’d want that."
She smiles and places the hat on her head, "where we goin’?"

Though they both understand that she’s already engaged, they fall in love. A month later Hans returns, just as the military begins to hastily recruit every able bodied young man to help in the war. He catches word of Anna’s little afair, and makes sure a service letter finds its way to Kristoff’s doorstep, telling him he is being recruited to fight.

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